DIY food grade glass jam empty sealed jar

  • product name: DIY food grade glass jam empty sealed jar
  • color: Clear
  • material: glass
  • sample: Free samples
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • delivery time: (1) In Stock:Within 5~10 Days After Receiving Payment. (2) Out of Stock:25 ~ 40 Days After Receiving Payment. According to Your Order Quantity.

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Product Introduction

This is a food grade glass sealed jar, mainly used for storing honey, pickling, brewing wine, making jam and so on.In addition to food grade lead-free glass, thin transparent high appearance level, pickled food lovers know that in line with scientific standards, 2 mm rubber is the main way to restore honey, lemon and passion fruit.The light and transparent texture is not comparable to the ordinary white and high white material glassware on the market. The secret is that we use high quality lead-free crystal material, which is usually used as raw material for tall glasses, which is not only light and transparent, but also ensures food safety.



We provide cans that can be sealed to p (3)


We provide cans that can be sealed to p (3)

About sealed tanks for insect control
To prevent such a phenomenon, the following suggestions are recommended:
① Preparations for storage
Bulk or bagged grains can be dried and selected before storage. If the grains have been stored in the cupboard, or if the ingredients are aged, it is recommended that they be exposed to the sun and screened before being put into the jar
② The best way to extend the shelf life
If space permits, the sealed jar can be placed in the refrigerator and chilled to extend the freshness period by inhibiting egg hatching at low temperature

Application introduction

In addition to the lemon passion fruit assist, this sealed glass jar can also be manually DIY, bringing infinite possibilities to life and food.

In addition to honey grapefruit tea, cupcakes, homemade jam, even lemon boneless chicken feet.

Not only used in the kitchen, but also a good companion ceremony.

We provide cans that can be sealed to p (2)

Production Process

The company provides a full range of product follow-up processing such as sanding, printing, bronzing, spraying, hot silver and other processes. The company has independent injection molding equipment, anodized aluminum production equipment. We can provide supporting injection molding products, anodized aluminum products and products of UV, electroplating, water electroplating, tangential, hot drilling, fireworks, electrolysis and other deep processing.



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