About Us


Jiangsu RongKun Glass Co., Ltd. is a large-scale production enterprise integrated with mold design, production and deep processing of glass products. We are positioned in the high-end daily chemical products packaging. The company has 8 fully automatic production lines with a daily production capacity of about 600,000 PCS. Our main products are perfume bottles, cream bottles, lotion bottles, aromatherapy bottles, nail oil bottles, and other high-grade glass products, the company provides a full range of product follow-up processing, Such as: frosting, printing, spraying, stamping, silver, and other processes. With wide ranges of perfume models, high quality control of raw materials, we offer our clients with satisfactory products, best services and sincerely hope we have this chance to cooperate with you.

Years Of Experience
Fully automatic production lines
Daily production capacity
A variety of standard accessories


Rongkun has successfully been doing business for more than 20 years in the field of glass packaging for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products.

A variety of standard accessories, suitable for each bottle or jar, custom colors can be selected from 10000 pieces reference, making it possible for us to create an amazing number of unique product combinations.

Decoration: Polishing, Metalizing, Hot-stamping, Decal, Frosting, Pad printing, UV silkscreen printing, Lacquering, Metal embossing/debossing, 3D sublimation, etc.

Cap: Glass, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Irony, Cork, Rubber, Surlyn, etc.

Related Accessories: Spray Pump, Collar, Chain, Dropper, Plate, Box, Bag, Test strip, etc.



Our product range is broader than our main competitors, and it has expanded year by year, adding many new items. We are working hard to develop new shapes, use innovative materials and improve the engineering design of new equipment to make our products always safer, cheaper and more effective.
With a large number of new designs, we have successfully adapted to the rapidly changing market; our company's global supply network enables us to provide sufficient and diversified products at competitive prices.


In addition to providing you with high-quality wholesale cosmetic packaging, Rongkun also provides customized cosmetic packaging design services. Consult our team to find a customized
cosmetic packaging combination that suits you and your customers. We will help turn your ideas into reality! We can help you create new bottles or accessories from scratch: from working with you to develop your ideas or sketches, to choosing the right design, creating molds for your products, and making sure it becomes a reality. We can even help you develop environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging for your brand!


We continue to expand the breadth of our expertise to provide a large number of resources adapted to the scale and diversity of our projects. Our philosophy stems from the philosophy of never rejecting requests. This basic principle has always been a catalyst that promotes our firm professional ethics, pursuit of excellence, and cultivating industry innovation capabilities.