#1 Electroplating

Rongkun has a workshop with three advanced electroplating production lines, and a professional team has extensive experience in electroplating surface coating. An additional metal layer is added to increase visual appeal and provide a higher level of corrosion protection for the surface.

#2 Frost
The frosted glass is treated with hydrofluoric acid to improve the texture and feel of the glass. Silk printing or decal can also be applied to the bottles after frosting.

#3 Spray Painting
After the glass is sprayed, it will not fade for a long time and still has transparency. Spray Painted glass bottles are more attractive, and different colors reflect different design concepts of perfume bottles. Amber, dark green, and dark blue glass bottles are used for pharmaceutical bottles or beer bottles to protect themselves from light.

#4 Decals
Rongkun offers accurate high-quality transfer of decals to a variety of glassware. Decals allow the areas that cannot be screen printed in multiple colors to be reached. All transfers are hand applied by our specially trained transfer team and are cured thoroughly to ensure a durable and visually aesthetic end product for your brand.

#5 Hot Stamping
Using the metal printing plate heating method, the metal foil or gold powder foil is hot stamped on the glass, most of which are only at a small position or part of the glass pattern. The golden and silver hot stamping patterns of the glass bottle are very shiny, making the logo and text of the glass bottle more wear-resistant.

#6 Screen Printing
Screen printing refers to the use of silk screen as a plate base, and through a photosensitive plate making method, made into a screen printing plate with pictures and texts. As the most common glass bottle printing method, screen printing can print the designed pattern 360 degrees around the glass bottle.