Bottle design

Rongkun, a specialist in the perfume bottle sector, used its experience to design bottles, which launched this month, that reflected industry trends.


Qiyue, which has been making high quality glass products for more than 20 years, approached Rongkun to tap into its insider knowledge of perfume packaging and trends. The glass producer, which specialises in glass bottle packaging, glassware and lighting, had a small range of bottles and wanted to expand.


Rongkun researched bottle shapes used by brands and used its industry knowledge to develop 6 new designs. A team from Rongkun joined other experts in their fields for an Innovation Day in China to discuss the new bottle designs for the Perfume Glass collection, and Qiyue then selected its favourite.


The rabbit is inspired by the bottle directly from the cartoon rabbit. It has a frosted surface and big ears. The bulging body shape gives it a lovely personality. Rabbit exudes quality, but retains genuine craft cues and the sense of the undesigned


Jack Fu, partner, Rongkun Brand Creation, said: “This was a true collaboration. Together we have created beautiful new bottles which not only meet a gap in the market, but with renewed positioning and marketing collateral, will help to catch designer’s eyes. As designers working in the perfume industry, we knew exactly what they would be looking for to inspire them.”


Kun Ma, general director, Rongkun, said: “The new additions to our super-premium High Glass range reflect the latest design trends. Our Innovation Days help us find new opportunities in the glass industry, share industry knowledge and develop innovative solutions. This not only maintains our position in the market but allows us to shape new trends, placing ourselves and our partners ahead of the competition.”

Bottle Design
Bottle Design