Glass Bottles Manufacturers in China

Rongkun has 20 years of production and sales experience in the field of perfume bottles. We specialize in one-stop perfume packaging products, including perfume bottles,perfume spray pump, perfume bottle caps, perfume boxes, and customized perfume bottle projects.
It has provided perfume packaging products for well-known and minority brands in more than 30 countries and regions. Most of our customers are from Europe and America. In the past 20 years, Rongkun has successfully designed unique molds for more than 100 large companies with luxury brands. Hope you are the next unique cooperative customer.


5ml-1000ml custom

Wholesale Glass Bottles in Bulk

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Customize Your Glass Bottles From a Chinese Manufacturing Vendor


Glass Bottle Capacity

We produce bottles with capacities between 4ml and 1000ml. The volume of the product ordered by the customer determines the product MOQ, which is an important aspect that our design experts must consider when conceiving a custom design glass bottle.


Glass Bottle Dimension

The dimensions of your glass bottles need to correspond with your factory filling and processing lines. Additionally, they should match your quantity or volumetric packaging requirements. As such, we design and avail a free custom bottle sample for you to inspect and test on your production lines before production begins.


Glass Bottle Finish

The finish plays an important role in the appearance of a glass bottle. The neck finish determines which caps can be used on a particular bottle. For aesthetics and branding, we offer a variety of decorative finishes, they include electroplating, baking, screen printing, and more.


Glass Bottle Different Color

Different colors are used in different ways and bring different feelings to customers. Colored bottles are more attractive to customers than clear bottles. Some products such as essential oils, wine and beer also require tinted glass bottles to avoid photodegradation. We can customize glass bottles in different colors for you.


Glass Bottle Accessories

We do not only provide customers with glass bottles, we want to provide more services to customers. The aromatherapy bottle comes with a diffuser, the essential oil bottle comes with a lid and dropper, and the candle cup comes with a value carton as a holiday gift. We will try our best to meet the needs of customers


Glass Bottle Shapes

Glass bottle shapes are important for aesthetics and functionality purposes such as stability. Our team of designers will work with you to consider various custom shapes that may be ideal for you. You can also choose from our wide selection of balloon-like, round, or cornered shapes, and different neck lengths.

Get Glass Bottles in Bulk Step-by-step


Reply in Time

We respond to your inquiry within 12 hours.We understand that time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery is important.


Glass Bottle Design Services

We provide the service of designing glass bottles for customers free of charge, and we aim to be able to design and produce products that customers are satisfied with.


Efficient Glass Bottle Manufacturing

The Rongkun factory is equipped with ultra-modern machinery to ensure that we can efficiently produce high-quality glass bottles. It enables us to complete mass production in a short time and deliver in time.


Custom Glass Bottle Packaging

In addition to glass bottle manufacturing being our strength, we also offer glass bottle packaging, we have hundreds of in-stock designs that you can choose from or we could explore customization.

Benefit From Your Committed Glass Bottle Manufacturer


Glass Bottle with Competitive Price

Factory direct sales, no middlemen to make the difference, large quantity favorably.


High Quality Glass Bottle

We attach great importance to the production and quality inspection of products, especially customized products. Our goal is to provide you with the best glass bottles.


Product Delivery in a Short Time

We produce your glass products quickly to ensure that your business' production and distribution schedules are not delayed or interrupted.


Free Glass Bottle Samples

Free samples to trst our quality first.We sincerely hope that the products that customers buy are the products they are satisfied with.


Low MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)

All our clients are important to us and thus our MOQ is 500 pieces to accommodate large and small orders.


Good Aftersale Services

The Roetell team is always on hand to guide you through aftersale procedures such as warehousing, shipment, and just-in-time delivery.

Custom Glass Bottles at Rongkun

As one of the largest glass bottle manufacturing companies in China, Rongkun provides custom glass bottle services to our customers. Not only do we manufacture glass products, we can also design, store and transport them for you. If you are looking for a reliable Chinese glass bottle manufacturer, Rongkun will be your best choice.

We have the following advantages:

#1 Different shapes and sizes are available R1.Rongkun can manufacture glass bottles in various shapes and sizes. We have 3D printing equipment and provide proofing service, which can produce round, square, diamond, irregular glass bottles.

#2 We are good at color coating We are good at color coating, electroplating, screen printing, hot stamping, 3D printing, decal, labeling , laser engraving,frosted, packaging box etc.

#3 The glass bottle is made of non-toxic material. Our glass bottles are made of non-toxic materials, suitable for packaging and storing food, beverages and cosmetics. And it won't spoil the product.

#4 Various colors are available We can produce glass bottles in different shades according to customers' preference. There are two different coloring processes, one is that the product color itself is the color of the customer's demand, and the other is to spray color your bottle.

#5 Durable and strong sealing Rongkun is a glass bottle design company, we are specialized in producing durable and durable bottles. Our bottles are available with airtight seals or leak-proof gaskets to prevent spillage and contamination of the product stored in them.

Buy Glass Bottles in Bulk

Rongkun aims to produce glass bottles that meet the different needs of each customer.

Our products are suitable for glass bottles for packaging and storage purposes in the food, cosmetic and perfume bottle industries, in the same way they are suitable for creating DIY home decor and other design ideas.

We will recommend some products to you according to your needs, but if you have special requirements for bottles, we can customize glass bottles for you, and we design to match your brand and help you increase your sales.

If you don't have a warehouse to store your inventory, you can choose from our warehousing plans. We will help you manage your inventory and make sure they are safe and complete. As for transportation, we provide express, Shanghai dispatch and China-Europe railway to door service. This makes Rongkun your best choice when buying bulk wholesale glass bottles in China.