Wholesale 50ml to 730ml Clear Square Honey Jars

  • key words: Square Honey Jars
  • capacity: 50 ml to730 ml
  • shape: square
  • color: Clear、Custom
  • material: glass
  • sample: Free samples
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • delivery time: (1) In Stock:Within 5~10 Days After Receiving Payment. (2) Out of Stock:25 ~ 40 Days After Receiving Payment. According to Your Order Quantity.

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Product Introduction

This is a household square glass jar, which is usually used to store honey, jam and picklesThis storage grade sealed jar can store honey, bird's nest, candy, nuts, preserves, pickles and more. This square glass jar is made of thickened glass and has good sealing performance.If you have some details, please come to consult us.This product is available in various styles and specifications, which can always meet your needs. We have a variety of bottle caps for you to choose from, gold, silver and black, etc. The bottle specifications are 50ml to 730ml for your choice.

We can also provide pickling, matte, engraving and other processes. If you need more details, feel free to contact us.


Hot selling 50ml 80ml 100ml 1 (3)


Hot selling 50ml 80ml 100ml 1 (1)

Wide mouth arc bottom cleaning more thoroughly. No longer hide dirt, arc bottom technology anti knock.

Application introduction

We provide cans that can be sealed to preserve honey, pickles and jam
Commonly used for household honey storage
Sealed fresh jam, pickles
Temperature and cold storage

Hot selling 50ml 80ml 100ml 1 (2)

Production Process

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