Customize label 50ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottle

  • capacity: 50ml customized
  • color: Clear white、Custom
  • material: glass
  • sample: Free samples
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • Feature: Skin Care
  • Packing: Carton

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

The characteristics of the style are beautiful appearance, great sealing. The shape is round , So it can be used to store perfume, fragrance water or other liquid. plus a mental lid or Acrylic lid can be chosen according to your demand. Many rigorous tests will be done before shipment so that every product meets your requirements. The capacities also can be chosen from 50ml to 100ml. It is easy for us to carry, If you have any customization requirements, such as sticker, logo, electroplating, sanding, silk screen, embossing, color spraying and other processes , we will try our best to satisfy you. Any interested products, welcome to consult us.

Round 50ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottle With Pump Spray Cap (4)


Round 50ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottle With Pump Spray Cap (3)

New design thickened bottle body to prevent breaking
A variety of bottle caps are available, including Acrylic cap and aluminum cap, plastic cap ,with good sealing performance
Logo color custom
Simple and generous appearance
large amount in stock

Application introduction

We provide the bottles that can be sealed to preserve perfume, fragrance water or other liqiud .
Commonly used for perfume storage

Round 50ml Clear Glass Perfume Bottle With Pump Spray Cap (2)

Production Process

1. Planning drawings: submit the sample glass bottle or size to the planner to plan the drawings of the whole machine group;

2. Billet: turn the billet of each component out according to the drawing;

3. Milling with a milling machine: the initial mold and rough are cut into the plane by a milling machine;

4. It will all be composed simultaneously: all the workshops, all the horses and all the lathes have been started, and their respective division of labor; You have the dry primary die, the end of the die is the bottom of the die, one way is finished, then the second one is finished

At the end of the mold bottle, there is a dry dull head, dry funnel, dry tap and dry mouth die, and then someone will core or punch and cooler dry;

5. Carve: After the second step is completed, put the shape or original model into the carving lathe, and automatically give 99 jobs to carve according to the planning procedure, so as to save time and energy;

6. Polishing: use fine sandpaper to polish the mold and the final mold from fine carving;

7. Assembly: assemble the assembled components in each production line together, and then assemble the loose parts into finished parts;

8, drilling: drilling or exhaust all the parts made/determined according to the drawings.



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