Glass lunch box crisper microwave oven with lid divider set

  • product name: Glass lunch box crisper microwave oven with lid divider set
  • capacity: no separation, two points,three points
  • shape: rectangle
  • color: Clear、Custom
  • material: glass
  • sample: Free samples
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • delivery time: (1) In Stock:Within 5~10 Days After Receiving Payment. (2) Out of Stock:25 ~ 40 Days After Receiving Payment. According to Your Order Quantity.

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Product Introduction

This glass lunch box is made of high silicate glass. It has an independent air hole and is sealed with buckles. It can be heated by microwave oven. Compared with the traditional crisper, this crisper has a card slot design and is more secure for stacking storage. Upgraded silica gel material, worry - saving, convenient and durable. Four sides with a buckle, 360 degrees seal leakage.
Our customization has: sticker, logo, plating, polishing, screen printing, embossing, color spraying and other processes, but also according to your self-examination needs to customize.




Thickened bottle body to prevent breaking

The lunch box can be stacked and placed, flexible and brief

High temperature and low temperature storage


Application introduction

We provide glass lunch box that can be put into the microwave oven  for heating.
They can store and keep the food in fridge longer ,and prevent food from smelling like each other.

A dual-use box makes commuting easier and less burdensome.

The latest design of thickened bottle, the bottle can resist high temperature and refrigeration.


Production Process

The shape of glass bottle can be freely and versatile, its hardness is high, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. First, we should design and manufacture the mold. The raw material of glass bottle is mainly made of quartz sand, and other auxiliary materials will dissolve into liquid under high temperature. Then it will be injected into the mold, and after the process of cooling, cutting and tempering, the glass bottle is formed.



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