Empty11ml glass car perfume diffuser air freshener bottle

  • key words : car air freshener perfume bottle car perfume bottle
  • color: Clear
  • material: glass
  • sealing type : screw cap
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • delivery time: (1) In Stock:Within 5~10 Days After Receiving Payment. (2) Out of Stock:25 ~ 40 Days After Receiving Payment. According to Your Order Quantity.

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Product Introduction

This is a kind of car perfume bottle. Empty perfume bottle can be filled with essential oils, perfume and fragrance, make the air in your car more fresh.The lid is made of wood for fragrance,The bottle can't twist too tight,  prevent split wooden cover, Try to avoid exposure .the bottle body is made of high-quality glass, and the pure cotton rope can be hung freely. If you have any customization requirements, we can provide the process as required. If you have other details you want to know, you are welcome to consult


Fashion 11ml designer perfume car air freshener bottle (3)


Fashion 11ml designer perfume car air freshener bottle (4)

The bottle can hold car special fragrance

Free of Paraben, Phthalates, and any nasty preservatives.

Glass.Capacity:Color:clear.Size:3.7*5.4mm/1.45*2.12in.empty bottle,not included essential oils or perfume

Application introduction

1. you can choose to store the perfume and essential oil as you like, a nice hanging pear and home decorations, fit for car, office, kitchen, bathroom, or even in a cabinet

2. an ideal gift for family, friends, lovers to show your love and care
3. It can be processed such as screen printing , labels, decal ect.

Fashion 11ml designer perfume car air freshener bottle (1)

Production Process

Many people want to reuse an empty car perfume bottle, but how can you completely eliminate the scent without damaging the bottle? Here is an effective method that may help you.Firstly, fill a car perfume bottle with equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Shake the bottle gently to mix the liquid well. Secondly,Leave the liquid in the bottle for one hour before pouring.Fill a perfume bottle with warm water until it reaches 50-75%.Add 1 teaspoon of neutral dishwashing liquid and 1 teaspoon of uncooked rice. These two ingredients break down and remove oils and other sticky substances from the bottle.Gently shake the bottle again for about 30 seconds to allow the rice and dishwashing liquid to reach all parts of the bottle.Leave the ingredients in the bottle for one hour.Empty the bottle and rinse thoroughly with warm water. After the perfume bottle is dry, you can use it again.If you plan to use a spray, soak the nozzle and nozzle in a vinegar mixture for 15 minutes. Remove and leave overnight to dry thoroughly.



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