Fancy flower shape rose 6ml car diffuser glass bottle wooden cap

  • color: Clear/frosted
  • material: glass
  • Item Weight: ‎300 g
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • delivery time: (1) In stock: Within 5~10 days after receiving payment. (2) Out of stock: 25~40 days after receiving payment (according to your order quantity)
  • Packing: Carton
  • craft: screen printing/painting/hot stamping

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Product Introduction

This is a flower shape car perfume bottle, The appearance is very lovely and beautiful. Glass is crystal clearGlass is crystal clear Glass is crystal clear can be suspended in the car or relatively small confined space, such as wardrobe, toilet can be used. Threaded bottle mouth can be removed at any time and filled with aromatherapy. The lid is made of wood for fragrance, the bottle body is made of high-quality glass, and the pure cotton rope can be hung freely.The rope can also be customized.If you have any customization requirements, we can provide the process as required.

Fancy flower shape mini rose 6ml car diffuser glass bottle wooden cap (4)


Fancy flower shape mini rose 6ml car diffuser glass bottle wooden cap (5)

We can make a small quantity of custom, bottle and lid can be customized processing

you can choose to store the perfume and essential oil as you like, a nice hanging pendant for car and home decorations, fit for car, office, kitchen, bathroom, or even in a cabinet
Simple and generous appearance
A large amount of stock is in the warehouse

Application introduction

1. As for the front of the car, or the car air outlet, used to clean the air of the car
2. Used in small confined Spaces, such as toilets and wardrobes
3. It can be given as a small gift to a friend

Fancy flower shape mini rose 6ml car diffuser glass bottle wooden cap (2)

Production Process

There are three main types of car perfume, the type of choice is different, the installation will also have some differences, so how to put the safest car perfume?
1. if you buy a spray-type car perfume, because this is not light, so you can not just install. It is recommended to store the car perfume in the trunk or in a dark place to avoid exposure to the sun and causing an explosion.
2. If you are buying a solid or liquid car perfume, these are usually in a canister. The installation method is simple, that is, the glue at the bottom of the bottle is torn off and glued in a place that will not block the driver's line of sight. It is important to pay extra attention to the fact that if you usually like to smoke in the car, then it is best not to place car perfume in the car.
3. The most important thing is that because there will be alcohol components in the car perfume, once the alcohol evaporates in the car, and then encounters an open flame, there is still a chance that it will be ignited, causing a great safety hazard. This is very important and needs extra attention.



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