3ml to 10ml Clear Round Ball Bearing Perfume Bottle

  • key words: round ball essential oil bottle round ball perfume bottle
  • capacity: 3 ml to 10 ml
  • color: clear brown custom
  • material: glass
  • sample: Free samples
  • MOQ: 500MOQ
  • delivery time: (1) In Stock:Within 5~10 Days After Receiving Payment. (2) Out of Stock:25 ~ 40 Days After Receiving Payment. According to Your Order Quantity.

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Product Introduction

This ball bottle is made of thickened glass and ball bearings. Styles include star anise, transparent, sanded, patterned, tan, blue, electroplated, transparent, regulated, and gradually sandblasted .It is commonly used in cosmetic eye creams, lip balms, deodorants, creams, essential oils, medicines, antipyretic gels and children's product .It can not only evenly spread, prevent liquid leakage, and also has a massage effect..According to the customer's choice, the product specifications can be customized from 3ml to 10ml.If you have other details you want to know, you are welcome to consult

r-1107 5ml 11 (1)


r-1104 12ml 6 (1)

The glass material is  safety and health, harmless, and has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion ability, it is  a special packaging for cosmetics packaging

A variety of bottle caps are available, including aluminum cap, with good sealing performance

Glass materials can be recycled and processing, reduce the pollution of the environment

Application introduction

A variety of bottle caps are available, including aluminum cap, with good sealing performance

The glass roller bottles are perfect for essential oils, perfume, coconut oils, massage oils, etc. The tiny size makes it great for travel and easily fits in your purse. Carrying your favorite scents for travel to meet your need of daily care for eyes, face and body.

r-1111 10ml 5 (1)

Production Process

The round ball perfume bottle can be  dropped into the water, with fumigation furnace fumigation. It can calm the mind and promote sleep. 2, hot compress can relieve leg spasm, cold compress can reduce or inhibit the swelling and pain caused by muscle and bone sprain. 3. Massage after smear can moisturize the skin and smooth skin wrinkles. 4. Apply essential oil ball to chest and neck to prevent colds and improve cold symptoms. 5, drop essential oil into the water can, shake evenly after spraying, can make the air fresh and fragrant. Cypress oil extracted from Taiwan hinoki has great effects on the human body. Such as eliminating insomnia, headache, anxiety, help respiratory organs and lung function, improve blood circulation and heart vitality, reduce hypertension and prevent vascular sclerosis, promote the whole body cell metabolism and activity, beauty and prolong life, etc.



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